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Set your company's profile and manage every single aspect of your business from anywhere, at any time. All you need is an internet connection.

Full Control

Real time information about all the running sessions, the techs' workload and all missed requests. Enjoy detailed reports of each session and business intelligence tools.
MSP Anywhere Remote Support Running Sessions

Granular Management

Computers organized in groups; technicians grouped in departments. No limit on the number of individual profiles allowed, each one granular managed down to computer level.
Granular Management Computer List for RSM Software

System Monitoring

Advanced system alerts and automatic associated actions. Simple patch management and easy silent script deployment on multiple machines. Detailed reports about the infrastructure and relevant activity.
Remote Monitoring Software Script Deployment

Deferred Support Tickets

Users can create support tickets, with file attachments and custom surveys. Ticket creation can also be integrated in your site within minutes.
MSP Anywhere Support Ticket Window

Advanced Calling Card Creation

An easy, one-click, zero-download desktop icon pre-installed on remote desktops for easy access to the helpdesk. Fully brandable and customizable; set specific expiration dates and duration times.
Calling Card Creation Window for RSM Software

Simple, affordable remote support software.

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